It is a pretty amazing feeling to know that you played such a huge part of someone’s weight loss journey. Sarah lost 30kgs in 6 months and won 3 gold medals at her bikini competition that she did at 6 months post baby. Sarah followed my post natal program to help her get her body to the place that it is today!

What Sarah had to say about her FHM journey:

Here are the before & after photos of the last 6 months since I gave birth to my baby girl last year. The first photo is from when bubs was 10 days old and the 2nd photo was taken when bubs was 6 months old! I put on 30kgs during my pregnancy and have lost 30kgs now thanks to Justine and her FitMum Program. Life is so different to how you think it will be once you are a mum and you can’t explain that to somebody who hasn’t had children, your program was easy and practical to follow on my post-pregnancy journey!

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, and not only that but claiming 3 x gold medals & 1 x silver in my INBA competition ??? My advice to new mums is to live each day as it comes and to not be too hard on yourself. Don’t put expectations on yourself to be perfect just put one foot in front of the other and just be present in every moment!!!

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