Up until I moved interstate recently, Justine was my personal trainer for about two years. Like many, I was unhappy with my body and struggled to commit to an exercise regime. For years, I tried to exercise on a regular basis but often ended up making excuses, talking myself out of it.. ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I’m too tired, I’ll run tomorrow’… I just lacked the discipline to make it stick and I never pushed myself hard when I did.

Finally, I decided to join my local gym and was paying for an un-used gym membership until I met Justine. Immediately, I knew this trainer was serious and was deeply committed to see me accomplish my own personal goals. The more I learnt about her, the more respect I had for her – her commitment to not only train her clients but to also be trained by her own personal trainer to reach her own personal goals for competitions convinced me that she was the real deal. This ‘practice what you preach’ attitude sold me on her sincerity to want to see me succeed and her determination never wavered. Week to week, Justine motivated me to improve my diet and focus on my exercise to suit my needs. Being a strict vegetarian, she was an immense help to ensure I was eating the right foods too. One thing that I found absolutely invaluable was that Justine not just told me what to eat and how to exercise but why. Giving some context really helped me commit to this new lifestyle long term and now I’m finding that without her, I am sticking to the healthy eating and exercising that I once found so difficult to maintain by myself.

While the last couple of years were a struggle, I don’t think I could’ve managed what I have achieved without her – I have lost the dress sizes I wanted, I look healthy and I feel amazing! I never thought I would feel so happy about myself – I feel so empowered and finally in control! I know I never would’ve felt and looked like this without her. Justine, you have changed my life!”

Forever grateful


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