Mind Body Overhaul is an intensive 8 week online coaching program that will change the way you look, think and feel.

I am so confident in this program because I’ve put my heart and soul into creating it to help women just like you change their lives.

I guarantee that you will look and feel the best you have felt in ages, if not ever!!!

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to up level your life, take back your confidence and be happy
  • You want to get off the merry go round of constantly feeling like you’re dieting and depriving yourself and actually get real, long lasting, life changing results
  • You need a sustainable training and nutrition plan that will look after you and your metabolism long term.
  • You are sick of counting calories and cutting out food groups, both of which we DO NOT believe in here at Mind Body Overhaul
  • You want to be part of an amazing community of women who support, encourage and motivates each other
  • You want more energy and less stress in your life. You are sick of giving up and feeling alone
  • You want to tone and shape your body in the healthiest way possible and you want these results NOW!

Apply Now!

You need to apply for this program so that we are 100% that this is the right fit for you.
I don’t want you to apply if you are 60% sure that you want to make changes, you have to be 100% ready.

This will be the start of a very exciting journey for you where you will LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you and to play a small part in you creating not only your best body but your best life.

This is YOUR time, so get excited as this is only the beginning of what is going to be the most amazing thing you will EVER do!

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Fit, Healthy & Strong by Justine Switalla

What do you get?

  • Access to the exclusive MBO forum – a support network of women
  • Weekly goal setting with Justine
  • 8 x weekly webinars
  • Live Facebook Videos and Q&A in the forum
  • Personalised nutrition plan making any tweaks when needed (including vegetarian options)
  • 8 weeks of training programs – regularly updated for YOU
  • Smoothie recipe book
  • Healthy dessert recipes
  • Mindset strategies that will change your life
  • Support, motivation and advice from Justine and her team of experts

NutritionPLUS I’ve partnered with a company to give my MBO clients access to a nutritional protocol that will fast track your fat loss results and get you feeling fab from the inside out.

Sam's before & after shot

Sam lost a whopping 16kgs

I approached Justine for help because I was really down about the way I looked, and I felt unfit and healthy. I remember sending my first photos to her and could hardly look at them! I knew Justine would be able to provide what I needed, which was mainly just a kick up the bum! But what I got from her was so much more! Justine encouraged me to start loving myself and be comfortable in the body that I have. She truly understands the pressures of being a working mum and that sometimes we just don’t have time to fit in exercise and meal planning! Her meal plans were personalised and she had heaps of suggestions for meals to keep things exciting, all being super easy to make. I’ve really enjoyed feeling strong from the weight training too, and she changes it up so regularly to keep your body guessing! I have had a fantastic result from the program, and I am so proud and confident in myself now. I love going to the gym and feeling fit and healthy again. I have lost a total of 16kg since July 2016 and between 15-24cm off my major measurements! Thank you Justine for your amazing program, you have really improved my health and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle in the long-term!

Kirsty's before & after shot

Kirsty is rockin’ that bikini!!!!

I started Justine’s Mind Body Overhaul program in April last year and completed two rounds- I was breastfeeding, sleep deprived and trying to juggle two young children at the time. I thought that I was ready for the challenge of transforming my body and put a LOT of pressure on myself to achieve big goals in a short period of time and you know what, I just wasn’t ready for that yet…BUT after completing the two rounds I took on all of the invaluable things that I had learned- how to train hard and eat right- and slowly started to incorporate the changes into my life. Justine’s program definitely does work!! You just need to soak it all up and plug away at your goals at your own pace. It may take 4 weeks or it may take a year but if you don’t give up you will make progress! Justine has given me the education and the inspiration to keep going and I can’t thank them enough for this.

Alex's before & after shot

Alex lost 16kgs and changed her mindset!

Hi guys my name’s Alex, I’ve been with Justine for just over about 12 weeks now and she’s asked me to put together a bit of a video on my experiences, what I’m getting out of the program and show of my progress so far. So I started the program twelve weeks ago. It was a recommendation from my sister-in-law who just had the most amazing results and said to me look you know you really should consider it. I’d been really unhappy about my weight I’d been unhappy about my fitness and more importantly, I just hadn’t been happy in myself. I think my mindset was my biggest challenge, so I thought I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll give it a go! I Almost joined before Christmas, but then I had a really big trip planned to visit my family overseas and to travel Europe. I thought I do not want to be in a position where I can’t eat something or I can’t you know enjoy myself so I waited until I got back and started the program straight away in January in the last 12 weeks. I’ve lost about 16 kilos, but more importantly than the way I just feel so much better about myself! I’m lifting weights I never thought I’d ever left, and I’m enjoying the gym in a way that I never thought I’d enjoy it. The food is great. I eat more than I’ve ever eaten before and the funny thing is people say to me, “Oh my god What diet are you on?”And I have to say to them, I’m not on a diet. I’m eating healthy I’m eating to fuel my body and to nourish my body which is very different to what I was doing before which was just eating for eating sake or eating because I was depressed or eating because I was angry or stressed about something. If there’s one thing I can say is that I would recommend this program to anybody at any stage in their life. It just has made the world of difference to me my health and my relationships with my family and with my husband. I really can’t thank Juzzy enough. So if you are on the fence get off that fence and sign up for this program. It will change your life!

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What will we cover in the eight weeks:

Week one Get fired up
Week two Get your head in the game
Week three Challenge week
Week four Dream Big
Week five Mind body connection
Week six Let’s hug it out
Week seven Ramp it up
Week eight Celebration

Instead of telling you what all the awesome things that the Mind Body Overhaul will do for your life and how you will feel I will let the ladies in the program tell you.

I recently asked them to describe the program in a few words.

This is what my ladies had to say:

  • Inspiring, motivational, good for your soul
  • Honest and invigorating
  • Tons of support! I walked into the program with a lot of self doubt. I’m learning how to shift that through this program.
  • Challenging and uplifting!
  • Awareness, Accountability, Action
  • Life-changing & challenging
  • Life changing
  • Energising and fun
  • Holistic health that is honest
  • Challenging and Motivational

Ebonnie’s VIP Transformation

So, you want to be a VIP?

For those of you that want it all and then more,
I’ve created a VIP experience just for you.

This isn’t just for anyone.
I only take on 10 VIP ladies so you get the real VIP experience!

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